Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Desert and Its Infinite Dryness

One recent Saturday morning I was filling the coffeepot with water in order to make a pot of coffee when I noticed a distinct stream of water going down the drain. I checked, and sure enough, all the water coming from the tap was going into the coffeepot. The problem could only be a hole in the coffeepot. Indeed, the damn thing was broken.

Very soon after that I visited Cuisinart's' website and ordered a new coffeepot, and threw in some extra water filters. I hadn't planned on buying replacement water filters for my coffeepot, but I can be an impulsive shopper when it comes to the quality of my coffee's water. Apparently. A few days later I received confirmation that my new, $20 replacement coffeepot was in the mail.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that if your coffeepot breaks in the first year of ownership, the company ought to give you one replacement pot for free. We've had this coffeepot for a year and a half. (Did I say first year of ownership? I meant first year and a half.) I didn't break it. I have near the same amount of reverence for that appliance one should reserve for a holy relic. I don't know how it got the crack which led to the gaping hole.

We've been living in the high desert now for two months. Could it be the dry, high desert air that caused the silica particles to separate, thus creating enough space for a crack to form?


Since the Desert Broke My Coffeepot incident, I've been driving to a local shop in town every morning for my cup of coffee. It's a drive thru, non-national chain located near my house. I need that warm elixir, not so much for the caffeine as for the heat.

(Today's high: 34 degrees! Humidity: - 4 million percent!)

I got to thinking that maybe I am finding my place in this town after all. Today being the 7th or so daily trip, the baristas remembered my drink order: 20 oz. coffee with two sugars. I can't help but wonder if it's lame to think that because of this, they are my friends? They must remember my order because I'm special and they like me, right??? Sure.


Anonymous said...

Obviously your awesomeness can't be contained!

It's cold here too. Supposed to be 34 degrees overnight. I'm already under an extra blanket!

Wendy said...

My coffee people know me too, and if my daughter drives through, they always ask her if she's bringing something for me. Of course, she never does.