Saturday, August 06, 2011

Girl and Cat

Natalie and Dewey in a poorly edited, strangely color casted photo...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


When Milo is ready to play he gets this certain look in his eyes that is hard to describe. If you remember the snake from The Jungle Book movie, the swirly, hypnotizing eyes. That is what I see in Milo's eyes.

Here, he is too sleepy to have full-on swirly eyes. This is more his, "I just woke up, give me a few minutes to catch up and then I'll kill you" face.

This is how he looks when he's about to attack my head. Why I let a cat who attacks my head also sleep on my pillow is called SUCKER.

This is typical of how Milo looks in action. This particular action is yawning, but the gaping mouth is impressive nonetheless.

The mice in the neighborhood don't stand a chance against The Predator. Except when he sleeps.

Mama sez ai iz so gud when ai sleep! Wut do u think that meenz?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Law of the Jungle

The wild animal stalks her prey with stealth, often waiting hours for just the right moment.

The prey, meanwhile, is unaware of the danger that is about to befall him.

The wild animal in question wears orange sweatpants and no socks when stalking...

Dewey should know better by now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garfield Rules Mornings Around Here

Every morning, OC eats her breakfast while reading the comics page. She is like me that way, can't sit there with nothing to read. Talk to your family? BORING. Where's the cereal box? Pamphlet of famous Jewish athletes? ANYFRIGGINGTHING?

Today's Garfield was a particularly good one, so she shared it with me, saying, "Jim Davis does a good job of coming up with new ones."

Sometimes I'm even called in to explain a pop culture reference. Thank goodness I spent my youth reading Archie comics and other kinds of things that would render me useful to my child.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Kitteh

Milo and Dewey proving we adopted the right kittens.

Milo and Dewey are the new Milo and Otis.

Monday, April 25, 2011


How quickly do tiny balls of fluff...

...become predatory furballs?

Superbad is Milo's nickname (he's the orange one with The Face). Here's why that is his nickname: because he has the judgment inabilities of an adolescent wrapped with the fearlessness of a toddler, equipped with deadly weapons. He attacks anything that moves. That's bad news for the mice population within a certain radius of our house, but also bad news for our feet, sweatshirt drawstrings, wiggling fingers, or anything else we might be dumb enough to move when he's in the mood to play.

How can cute be so bad?

She lyz. See mah fayc? I iz gud.*

* No, he's not.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bottoms Up

Nicholas Kristoff tells it brilliantly by example, that bottom-up movements achieve social change faster than pedantic and goody-two shoes campaigns. From Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic to teenage smoking, this is what works.

Friday, April 15, 2011

When the Debt Was Paid

The last time the U.S. had a zero debt balance, Andrew Jackson was president. It was 1835. Is debt good or bad? Is some debt good, but a lot of debt is bad? How much debt is too much? Does it depend on GDP?

I have my opinions. I don't know if they are the answers. Maybe they are. Perhaps the secret lies inside the brain of a 37-year old softball mom...

Read all about it.

Happy tax day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am SO NOT Okay


Friday, 10:14 pm
My Living Room

The family laptop has hulu playing the latest Glee episode. I am wearing headphones as a courtesy to family members who have already gone to bed. The sound seems low, so I turn it up...

10: 16 pm

Have solved the sound problem. It takes me two full minutes to realize the sound is not coming through the headphones because the headphones are plugged in to the wrong place. The last two minutes of Glee were blasted into my living room. How's that sleep working out for you, family? You're welcome!

Time for bed.

Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Okay!

The title of this post refers to what I yell at my family when, after skiing together, they find themselves sans mama farther along the ski trail, through the trees and around the corner, waiting and wondering what had happened to me.

There has been a little more of this activity (minus the funky bonnet):

I have stolen random half-hours to get some knitting done. I have projects left in various states of confusion and mistakes: a wrap that I messed up a simple cable pattern, so I have to tink back a few rows. A sock my cat put a hole in. Not sure what to do about that one. I jumper for The Girl in which all that is left is the neck; I'd better finish soon or else she'll grow out of it before it's done.

There's more. But, it's okay...

And, though it's not time to knit outdoors yet, this looks idyllic.

It doesn't address the problem of wind, debris catching in your yarn, or the chickens and cats that will inevitably attack your yarn. But, yes, lovely idea.

I recently read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, set in World War II. And, though not about knitting, is a harkening back to the time when resources were scarce and people banded together to help one another out.

People knit together, literally and figuratively, to pool their resources and skills in order to make things for all, and to take care of one another.

It's a nice idea, I think, although better not to have to face war in order to get to that point of togetherness.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ouch! It's Hot.

English presentation next week, history paper due soon (research barely begun!), piles of reading to do for class, kid to homeschool, bathroom to clean? what bathroom?....

If you need me, I'll be under the covers, facing things like a grown-up.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

It Is Very Real

I was going through my bookmarks and separating the knitting blogs into one folder, while simultaneously clicking random blogs to see what was going on.

IzzyMom had a post about retro ads that is too offensive and over-the-top campy to be real...but they are.

Especially the Tab video. I don't know about you, but if a woman's greatest aspiration in life is to be a "mindsticker" than I don't want the job.*

_ - _ - _ - _ - _

* Actual word used in the video. MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Political Books

My husband is much more political than myself. When it comes to political books or entertainment, I am interested.

Slate posted a story about favorite novels about Washington D.C. Cesspool upon the Potomac it may be, but intriguing nonetheless.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now Reading

On the needles: mittens with color-stranded heart for upcoming holiday revelry.

I've been reading Elizabeth Zimmermann's knitting books. Written in the middle of the last century by this famous knitter, they've been reprinted in recent years. My library lends them out. This is a fabulous system.

Knitting Without Tears is full of advice for simple techniques, how to make your own sweaters and things come out right. But most of all, a reminder to enjoy knitting without all the stress.

Knitting? Stressful? If Grandma can do it, how is it stressful? The two words seem oxymoronic, until you try to make something out of two sticks and some string. It's HARD. It's WEIRD. It ain't EASY. So yes, a book is a wonderful companion when you are near the tears. Elizabeth has a style that is something like, "Don't sweat it, I've got a fix for that." In her Knitter's Almanac she narrates one year while filling a book full of techniques for various projects. I loved reading about knitting at night in a dark car's passenger seat. Or, how the temperature was 20 below at 11 am, the fire was hot and it was good knitting weather. Might as well get to it. Besides, my great-grandmother raised six children with an alcoholic wife-beater on a remote farm, and lived to be a rather happy old lady. (He died.) THAT'S STRESSFUL. Knitting? Not so much.

This is the kind of thing that I like, people. If you do, too, then check her out. She's been in your shoes, and what is more comforting than someone telling you you're not alone, AND having something beautiful to wear at the end of it?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More BEES!

I had written about honeybees and included a link to a video of swarming bees. Exciting!

Well, even more exciting than that is to learn from my mom that, "Swarming bees have stuffed themselves with honey prior to the swarm; it is physically impossible for them to bend and sting. While homeless, they DO have their queen to protect."

So, if you ever wanted to play with bees, find some that have just swarmed because they can't sting you. Although, I don't advise playing with bees because they don't need to be hassled by silly humans in need for entertainment while the bees search for a new home.

Go read a book or something!

Championship Grudge Match

My inner voice agreed with this article, which said that we would be better off if we listened to our inner voices more.

This is the story of my life! I think this is especially an issue with girls, who are taught to be nice, don't argue. Nothing wrong with that EXCEPT.....yikes. This presents a huge conflict, not to mention the propensity for dubious persons (and even not dubious persons) to take advantage of nice girls who smile pretty and don't know how to say no.

It's interesting how the article addresses finding the balance between being vocal and going too far, which is being aggressive. Again, an especially fine line for girls to find, who are too easily called the b-word and worse.

My challenge in life is to teach my daughter how to listen to her own good sense, practice polite manners, and yet also stand up for herself. It ain't easy being sugar and spice. I'm still learning this for myself...