Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Girlie Show

Last week was too taxing to post more than once. Or twice. Or whatever lame number I managed to eek out of the keyboard before I melted into multiple dentist appointments, calling the jury information number, and packing for both girl's weekend (me) and sleepaway camp (OC).

Woe is me.

I didn't know what to do with myself (watch) when (many) that (episodes) daughter (of) of (Sex) mine (and) went (the) to (City) camp (and) for (stuff) a week. I managed to keep myself busy.

(Also, running at Smith Rock. It was hot, hard, and fun. Ohhh, dirty!)

I have some great pictures from girl's weekend, including bare leg from the hot tub shots, mid-stride bee escapes, and posed group shots. (A little dirty.)

I've not gone away for good, just needed a little blog vacation.

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La Viajera Insaciable said...

Glad you are posting again! And I'm glad you and Wylie have managed to get the girls together. Sounds like they've been having fun!