Thursday, July 02, 2009

Galway City

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present your American representative in Ireland:

I bought a coffee, checked out of the B&B in Salthill, and promptly spilled some coffee on my shirt. This was how I arrived in Galway city. Uncle Sam would be so proud.

I had several hours before I could check in to student housing in Corrib Village, so I decided to tourist it up and take pictures.

Eyre Square (pronounced "air" like Jane Eyre) is the center of the city. It has a park, Kennedy Park, so named because JFK gave a speech here only months before his assassination.

Walking around is easy. Galway is not too large so that you get lost, but leave it to me to get pretty close.

I wandered the streets near Eyre Square, slowly familiarizing myself concentrically. Streets are not so much laid in a grid system, rather, on an ancient behind-the-city-walls, whatever works kind of way.

These flags display the names of prominant western families of old.

I don't think anyone noticed my coffee shirt. At least, no one pointed and laughed. They might have been laughing on the inside, though.

I predict many Euros will be dropped here:

And, quite possibly sprinkled throughout the shops here:

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