Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prize-Winning Chickens

At this year's county fair, my daughter entered two chickens.

Meet Tutankhamen the rooster. He's barely a teenager at five months old, with raging hormones and a bit of a know-it-all attitude.

A good rooster protects the hens, but also shares with them. Tut is rather selfish. He grabs the largest piece of food and runs with it, squawking all the way as if to say, "Neener neener!" or some chicken equivalent. I am not thrilled with his early-morning crowing. Perhaps he will become the largest piece of food on our table one day. I will dig in with relish, if that becomes the case.

This is Boadicea the hen. She's the biggest of our Rhode Island Reds, and is very sweet. Let's just say, her cage didn't need a warning sign. Uhhhh, ignore that enormous, beautiful, dark chicken behind Boadicea. That one isn't ours. But from the looks of him, he won a blue ribbon, too.

OC won two blue ribbons with these two crazy chickens. Good job, keepsie!

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