Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Budgetary Whoas

There's nothing like working harder for less money and absolutely no glamour or thanks. Our income recently took a hit, with the bread-winning spouse working endless hours to find jobs and then do the jobs, take care of the administrative duties, look at the profit margin....wait, where's the profit margin?

Anyway. Times are tough all over. We're grateful to have a paycheck.

And now it is midway through the month and the grocery budget is down to $18.

Last night's dinner was economical: chili. I had all of the ingredients on hand. Pasture-fed beef from in-laws (bragging), dried beans, the last jar of tomatoes I canned two (or was it three?) years ago, dried oregano from the back yard, and spices from Morton's and Lawry's. To make a little bit bigger batch, I peeled and diced the oversized pieces of zucchini that will only taste good if pureed and baked into bread or cooked into a pot of something else, like chili. OC made the cornbread. AMAZING cornbread! I love having a child who can cook.

It's a good thing there were leftovers. It's not like we're going to starve or anything, I just like leftovers.

It's in the 80's this week and sunny, so I'm still hanging clothes out to dry on my 1945 Sears and Roebuck laundry line. Saving electricity and great-smelling clothes, can it be true? Look out, Donna Reed.

And yes, I meant to spell the word in the title that way. It's a pun!

This is also Donna Reed:

Donna Reed's image as the perfect housewife (nor as hot swimsuit chick) is in no danger of being overtaken by the likes of me. I think we are both fine with that.

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