Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thirty Seven

The cake was chocolate, the candle was misleading.

Why does the candle say 8? It was the only candle in the house. Work with what you've got, that's our motto.

There is nothing misleading about chilled champagne.

Opening champagne is serious. You CANNOT SMILE or else the bottle will burst! People will be hurt! Champagne might be spilled!

This is SERIOUS, people.

I see your point: this IS serious. May your pour be true, my good man!

I have an idea. Wait, I need to eat this bite of cake...

...and, well, mommy needs a cocktail...

My idea: observe the effect of 3-D glasses upon the man of the house. The hypothesis? He will be disturbed.

(In all fairness, who wouldn't be? I'm no Elvis Costello. These things do not fly under the radar.)

It's as though you can read his thoughts...

tee hee hee!

After cake and champagne, the natural progression for us is....DANCE.

The song is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

It was his idea.

I am not kidding.

Who looks like they're having the most fun?

This is competition!

It's Brittany v. Justin dance-off all over again.

Cake + endorphins + love =

A good night. Kind of takes my mind off of getting older.

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