Saturday, June 02, 2012

5 Months

Evelyn is five months old today. I would like to be able to say that this advanced age means she is sleeping through the night, but no.

 Let's remember back to January 6th, when she was four days old.

And then four days later, she was eight days old.

It wasn't long before she turned 10 days old.

And, before we knew it, she was two weeks plus two days. Let's face it, that is way too young to fight the people who dress you up to look like a reindeer.

At three weeks, we put a bee on her butt and turned her over to immortalize the fanny-decoration.

All that brown hair, two blonde parents....hmmmm.....

Still three weeks old. This 11-year old child bears a striking resemblance to the girl who responded, when asked if she was excited about the arrival of her sibling, "NO." Look who is having a terrible time now.

Power to the proletariat babies!

One month old...still sleeps anytime, anywhere.

At five weeks, she began to make faces at alternate food-delivery devices. "No way, Jose," is the message baby Evelyn would like you to know.

Six weeks. Milo likes to look nonchalant, but he is wondering whether Evelyn would taste like chicken, or some kind of red meat?

Milo: That finger looks delicious!

Don't worry Evelyn, I won't leave you alone with him. He's not old enough to babysit yet.

It was during her sixth week that she perfected her Alfred Hitchcock impression.
Spot on, I might add.

I don't know what kind of things babies laugh at, but Evelyn finds life, up to now, hysterical.

Life with Evelyn and Natalie is pretty sweet. The two of them get along. So far.

Being a mom to two kids is fun. I'm more relaxed this time around with baby care, but it's more hectic with our schedule. When one kid needs to get to softball practice, the other one needs to nurse. That can get tricky, but we figure it out.


Hello, smiling at people and not just gas anymore! Although, we all smile for gas. Who doesn't smile for gas? Unless it's someone else's gas.

Meeting her aunt and cousin for the first time. They laughed and laughed.

A giggly baby is surprisingly entertaining.

Baby shower, where my oldest friends met my newest daughter.

Misty and Evelyn have decided to have a looking serious contest.

More people holding the baby...

Having a baby makes you forget your 20th high school reunion is this year. Holy cow.

McKenzie said she didn't know how to hold the baby, but she did just fine.

Bumbo seat! Whoever came up with this cushy seat that lets curious babies sit up before they can do so on their own deserves some kind of award. Like an Oscar, or a big, wet, slobbery kiss.

Evelyn and grandpa pass the time together. She couldn't stop looking at that red hat.

These girls don't know how happy they make me. When I saw this, my insides melted, just like the bad guy did in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when the angels escaped from the Ark. Except mine was a happy kind of melt.

Evelyn, thank you for bringing your happiness to our lives, for making us laugh along with you.

I don't know where we'd be without you, Evva-Zevva, Evelyns, Evvie-pie, angel buns, milk breath!

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