Friday, March 08, 2013

Stan the Man in the Tan Van...a Sesame Street Literary Rhyme

Bad news: I finished a great book. How to follow up an engrossing read, especially before you're ready to turn out the light? 

I had this dilemma last night when I closed the back cover to Amy Tan's gripping memoir, The Opposite of Fate. It was 8:30 pm. Now what?

The process:

First, a palate-cleansing break. Rearrange the (5 or 6) pillows and get comfortable. Second, pick up the library book I have 3/4 finished, titled, The Spellman Files. Remind self that it contains an interesting mystery, despite trying-too-hard style, and prosaic writing. I still want to find out what happens. Third, get reading again. Break over.

It wasn't Amy Tan, but then again, very few books are.


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