Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LOLcat Love


Anonymous said...

Okay. Stop channeling me. Last night I went up to my cat and said "I'm in UR kitchen stealing UR cheez!" Because he was trying to. Steal my cheese. Admittedly it's not as funny typed out in comment form. Or spoken? Well, I'm lazy, okay?

You have the fluffiest poofiest cats I've ever seen. Ones who clearly demand lots of cat litter.

Kristen said...

I think they have more hair than body. And I was complaining about my dog's hair the other day. He's 90 pounds and he still doesn't have that much hair. LOL

Occidental Girl said...

I find myself talking that way to my cats, too. They look at me like they always do, as tired of my incessant mumblings as ever.

They are mostly hair, followed by attitude, then fluffy sweetness, then poop-on-the-floor goodness.

Yes, Melissa, they demand only the freshest of cat litter. Preferably boxes of such that do not ride around in rental cars! :)