Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

Yesterday was like this:

7:40 am: Jump out of bed. The babysitter will be here in 20 minutes, so that I can go running! There's no time to eat. I should've been up hours ago.

8:22 am: Finally go running. It's supposed to be a long one today. Ugh. It's already hot.

9:41 am: End run early. Good thing park is nearby, must use bathroom!

9:55 am: Return home.

10:02 am: Take shower. Feel much better.

10:21 am: Eat breakfast. Toast and coffee, yogurt with granola, and water. Run dishwasher. Do laundry. Open greenhouse. Do Aquadots with OC.

11:45 am: Eat lunch (pb &j). OC takes a bath.

12:30 pm: Drive OC to day camp, which this week is Yoga & Tai Chi. She should come home relaaaaaaxed. Feel kinda crappy, take big icewater with me in car.

1:25 pm: Shop at Fred Meyer. Not feeling well, probably dehydrated or overheated, although Fred Meyer is air conditioned and so is the car. Wonder about this for awhile.

2:27 pm: Return home with items. Migraine coming on. Feel extra super crappy. Take two Advil.

3:33 pm: Lie on couch. Wish for quick death. Fear death. Wish death to headache. Take two more Advil.

4:44 pm: Cry, because it's time to leave to pick up OC and feel woozy and nauseous. Wonder if driving a car is safe? Go pee, which is light yellow. Nope, not dehydrated. Electrolytes? Still wonder what is wrong. Take banana even though still nauseous.

5:45 pm: Successfully return home. Banana has worked wonders and feel better, except for the migraine.

I don't know, the rest of the evening is a blur. I got OC her dinner, then lie on the couch. I got up to get my dinner, then after I ate, I went back to the couch. At some point, OC read me some books (!!!) and then I went to sleep.

What I do know is that today is a new day, Scarlett! And also, migraines suck. They run in the family: my grandmother would get migraines, and my mom gets them. Or, used to. That was the second-worst migraine I've ever had. If four Advil can't kick it's butt in two hours? I think it might have been food allergy related for it to have been so bad. Wheat in the toast, corn in the cornstarch that was in the stir-fried tacos.

It's as though getting older isn't bad enough, what with the wrinkles and the cellulite, but food allergies are the great practical joke. You can't eat whatever you want anymore. Love popcorn? Ha!! It's a corn allergy for you, missy! I remember being 18 years old and eating all kinds of crap, none of which showed up on my youthful body. Now? I have to be careful lest the food I eat attack my brain and lay me out flat for a few hours and interfere with my ability to drive a car.

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Lady M said...

Sorry about your migraine!

I had my first one a few years ago at work, and I felt so terrible that I was Googling stroke symptoms in my meeting. My boss told me, "uh, it's not a stroke. It's a migraine."

Hope you feel better soon!