Friday, February 29, 2008

Over the Pass and Through the Snowbanks

These pictures are from our trans-state trek earlier this month. I added captions, but every one reads some version of, "Snow Piled Higher Than the Car + Haulin' Semi Truck Drivers On Your Tail + Hey, Look It Started Snowing Again = Fantastic Road Driving Adventure". That is, if your idea of fantastic includes white knuckles and stomach bile.

Lookit! All the pretty snow!

So the snow is higher than the car, it's not like there's ever been an avalanche which fell onto passing cars or anything. Wait a minute, didn't that happened in Washington? Must think happy thoughts.

Drifting, ghostly wispies never hurt anybody.

Oh, look, it's starting to snow. I should mention that it was really easy to take pictures and drive at the same time. The camera was sitting on the seat next to me, I just turned it on and held it in one hand while I steered with the other. We were traveling about 15 mph so there was plenty of time to pay attention to the road. Besides, it's not like I was taking pictures of what was behind us. Plus, I am a woman, we can multitask like that.

Why am I reminded of the Donner party at this moment? Weird.

The Donner party never had multiple snowplows go through and plow a mile-deep path for them. Hmm, maybe we will survive this after all. I always tell OC that I'm going to eat her up with a spoon, but now with the whole Donner party thoughts that crowd my min, that idea taking on a totally new connotation.

Snowplow #8 in the 1 1/2 hours from Detroit to Sisters. Hooray!

Who am I kidding, I get to travel with her, all smiles and optimism. Cannibalism is not an option. Life is good. Oh, and we were stopped when I took this one.

We made it through - much gratitude - but I do NOT want to do that again anytime soon thankyouverymuch.


Amanda said...

When i lived in WA and would go from Yakima to Seattle, if Snowqualmie looked like that I just fell apart, white knuckling it the whole way!

Life As I Know It said...

Oh, that is a LOT of snow!

I am still waiting for spring to arrive...!

Thanks for the visit to my blog.