Friday, March 28, 2008

Check it Out, Martha: THIS is Living

It's Friday night, and it worked out that I am home alone. My family has gone to do other things and I have 24-plus hours to myself. This is a good thing when you get to be my age. So. What to do?

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping to stock up on supplies and it seemed as though I was buying things as though my parents were leaving me home alone, albeit with a few upgrades to purchasing power: organic gluten-free rice and bean chips, all natural Breyer's ice cream, a couple of types of Ben & Jerry's, myzithra cheese to make Spaghetti a la Homer, etc.

I went for a walk this afternoon. I would have gone running but I'm trying to heal an old injury in my leg and if I had gone running all that would have happened was I would be spending the evening hobbling around like an older-than-what-I-am year old. I walked for as long as I could stand it but it was absolutely freezing outside. The wind was relentless! Back home I went after about 20 minutes.

I had a healthy dinner, then, broke open the chips and ice cream! (Yes, unbelievably, this got me excited.) Except, since my walk was so short I could feel the calories enter my body and immediately meld to my thighs and butt. Ick. I did a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups to offset this unsavory occurence, followed by a smaller dish of ice cream of a different flavor. Then more push-ups and sit-ups.

When I was 16, I don't remember feeling that I had to immediately exercise away the calories. But then again, that was a long time ago. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly.


Amanda said...

Hmm, tried to comment, sorry if this appears twice. Your evening sounds incredible! Do you still have snow on the ground out your way? I am so looking forward to the dovetailing of the delivery of my baby and the exit of snow and ice! Bring on the running, walking and hiking.

Shannon said...

Where did you find th myzithra cheese? My boss is always talking about it and has friends send it from SoCal.

I can't wait to have this baby and be active again. I think I'm going to go buy one of those really nice front carriers and get this kid hiking at 6 weeks old.

Stay tuned .. I'm planning another blogger party

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, man. I love it when I have an evening to myself!