Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chickenlegs Fit for KFC Advertisements

The shininess of my upcoming jury duty may be wearing off. I know it is likely to be less an exciting adventure in civic procedures and more like a mind-numbing sojourn into the dark underbelly of citizenship duty, but what can I say? The offer of free wifi and lunch money buys my enthusiasm. It didn't hurt that I was already enthusiastic about the idea, hence the low incentive threshold.

I am resigned to the fact that my number probably won't get called, that I probably won't be a part of an interesting trial, that I will probably spend a lot of time for it to come to naught. Oh, well. Maybe I will finish one of my 63 library books. At least jury duty will keep me from going to the library and checking out more library books. I have a sickness.

As for Dakota, he is one fantastic-feeling kitten!

There is, however, something embarrassing about having your legs shaved, if you are a cat. Please ignore the lower section of the tote bag hanging from a doorknob which obscures the view. I need photography lessons, or something.

The bandages are from the I.V. In a strange coincidence, the vet outfitted him in the colors representing the Minnesota Vikings. That fits well with a certain someone (husband) football fan in this household, although I'm pretty sure Dakota is oblivious to the fact and cares not.

Sable barely noticed his absence and in fact, enjoyed not having to fight over the daily raw meat nugget. There was sniffing an "Oh! It's you!" moment upon his return because Sable has the memory of a goldfish and we love him for it.

He is healthy and happy, I can only imagine, to be rid of the plaque on his teeth and the fur mats which plagued his undercarriage.

Levels of indifference wax and wane, as if vollied between fluffy heads.

Welcome home, kola bear. We weren't the same without you.


Amanda said...

Oh, poor boo!

Deby said...

Soooooooo cute! Especially the "Thanks a lot" look in some of the photos.

I love my two girls too! If this weather stays warm, they are off to Petco for their annual shave. I'll post pics because it is hysterical!

High Desert Diva said...

Oh...the shave! Glad the household is back to normal.

I have a friend who used to get her Persian shaved with a lion cut. Have to say, it was pretty funny, and Princess (the cat) actually preened after she was cut...too funny.