Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Rrrr Jrrr....or, The Rural Juror

When I picked up the mail this morning, I tossed it onto the side table without looking at it. It wasn't until this evening when I noticed the envelope addressed to me from the Deschutes County Trial Court Administrator. I knew immediately that my civic dream had come true. I have been summoned for jury duty!!!

I know this is an unusual reaction. Most people groan and hate jury duty as it totally messes up an otherwise perfectly calculated daily schedule, usually involving some kind of work-in-exchange-for-money scheme. Not me. Why? A little math will help to illustrate.

Jurors earn a per diem of $10 for the first three days, $25 per day after that, plus $.20 per mile. THIS IS MORE THAN I EARN AT THE MOMENT. So, as you can see, during my two-week stint, if I need to report every day I have the potential to earn....let's see, $30 for the first three days....$50 for two days plus $125 for the entire second week. That's $195 for two weeks worth of civic duty, not including mileage. Plus, there is free wifi in the jury room, and jurors and would-be jurors are invited to bring their books and laptops!

I can write my column, post to my blog or read one of yours, or, read one of the 78 books checked out from the library in my name. Getting paid to do any of this will be considered my Christmas bonus at this point. Plus, courtroom intrigue!

I realize that I may not be called, much less chosen, or that if I do, it will likely be a small-yet-important case involving stolen tires or overdue library books. I don't care. I've wanted to be called for jury duty for as long as I can remember. Some people are just like this. (Or maybe it's just me.)

Cross your fingers I make the grand jury!


Amanda said...

And just think, it may provide rich blog fodder!

Live on the Fly said...

I love the Rrr Jrrr... I think the reason people groan is because of the potential. Yeah, 2 weeks is great, but if you end up in a trial that lasts MONTHS, that's where it sucks. I was scheduled to be on a really high profile local murder case, but the night before trial started, the kid changed his plea to guilty. Whew! The other trials (of the kids that were also involved) lasted for months.

High Desert Diva said...

Hmmmm....more money than the last time I had to go. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...the wifi is a nice bonus!

I have not yet registered to vote since we moved. MUST do that soon.

Wendy said...

I got a lousy $20 for my service in February. That is so not enough for the dread I faced calling every night to see if my number was up for the next day.

Deby said...

I had served on two juries before and they were FASCINATING!! But then again, my company paid me the same.

I have been called five times since then and never left the jury lounge. Now that I have the two little grommets, no jury duty for me for the next umpteen years.

Bummer. If you get on a case you can blog about it when it is all over!