Thursday, January 14, 2010


Let me ask you something: how often do you clean your toaster?

I had been tasting an essence of "burnt" on my toasted foods lately, a lot like the "smoked" flavor we pay a lot for at restaurants. This morning I thought about the last time I had cleaned the crumbs out of the toaster. The answer? Never, or at least, close to never. Maybe once.

I pulled out the tray on the bottom of the toaster, and wow! That's a lot of chicken food. There were enough crumbs that if one were to add a few drops of water, one could form an egg. It wouldn't taste like egg, but it would be the same size as an egg. That's a lot of crumbs.

Our five hens will recycle those crumbs into an egg, and it saves one day's worth of chicken feed. And for us? No more "blackened pop tarts" for breakfast.

Sounds expensive, tastes bad.

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L. Ottaviano said...

A few years ago my favorite toaster caught on fire. It was my grandmother's vintage chrome Sunbeam with auto-lowering feature. The cord was old and it started flaming at the outlet. (We unplugged it when not in use, because I predicted that end.) We cleaned it regularly, because it had an easy flip open bottom that we could dump over the sink. Anyway, we could have probably had it re-wired, but instead I think we dumped it. We haven't gotten a new one. Now we use the oven broiler and enjoy the counter space it vacated.