Friday, May 21, 2010


After drinking a big, almond milk-based smoothie and suffering a righteous headache, I now suspect my body is highly offended by almonds. The smoothie recipe has been amended to include no almond milk. Thanks a lot, Gwyneth Paltrow.

This week has flown by. We had a rained-out softball game on Monday, which I hurriedly rescheduled for Wednesday and called each team member, only to have it cancelled an hour and a half before game-time due to rain.

Tonight we have a game scheduled, and the forecast calls for rain.

I built a fire last night after it snowed a little in the morning, and hailed a little later on.

Today contains fun-filled activities: I need to take my cat to the vet to have her sutures removed, but I don't want to put her back in the cat carrier. Poor Rumsie has been through a lot, having a tumor removed from her shoulder and then the skin pulled up tight to close the hole.

Rum sez, "Who would take this face to the vet?

Last week I was giving pain medication to a cat, and penicillin to a chicken.

Yes, this is really my life.

In case you're wondering which animal was easier to administer to, it was definitely the chicken.

Hatshepsut sez, "Brrrrrrrrrt!"

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