Friday, July 02, 2010

The Hits Keep Coming

Dakota needed to see the vet this week. While OC and I were holding him and watching the vet insert a catheter for i.v. fluid therapy, OC fainted. I should have known better than to let her watch.

She was standing behind me, and so I didn't see it begin. She fell against me, rolled off and hit the cabinets and then the floor. It happened in a flash.

The vets and techs were quick. They brought towels, water, and crackers. One gave instructions to lie down and relax while elevating her knees, another brought crackers and water, and everyone reassured her that it was okay. OC wanted to sit up, but the vet spoke to her gently and said it was best to relax for several minutes. When she looked up at me I was a crying mess. So much for being strong for your kid. I told her she was going to be fine and that it just surprised me. I said it was going to be okay. And it is.

She's allright. We went home and made brownies, because no matter how bad it gets, desserts are always there for you.

Iced tea and odd French cartoon characters in English translation are there for you, too.

She might have been embarrassed, but so many people told her it had happened to them and so that made it much better.

All of us, including Dakota, are doing much better today.

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