Thursday, July 08, 2010


Dakota is back to his squeezy-eyed, purry, geriatric self. He's a fragile elderly kitty, but he's still here.

I began working on new socks.

The yarn is Three Irish Girls. Socks are comfortable, but homemade socks feel AMAZING. Hard to describe. Like a hug for your feet.

I'm actually farther along than this, but don't have pictures of the progress. I think the yarn is pretty. Like a smoothie.

The pattern is your basic rib-stitch and whatnot.

Went to a local nursery today. I recommend Plants-N-More on Canal, north of town (Redmond). They have only plants that actually grow in Central Oregon, unlike Lowe's, Fred Meyer, and some other nurseries. The couple that own the nursery are very, very nice. Also, lonely. I'm guessing they are lonely because they do an awful lot of talking while you are trying to browse and think about what to get.

I tried to give subtle hints that I just wanted some quiet: I looked downward in what I assumed was a thoughtful stance, I muttered to myself as if considering, and moved the plants around in the wagon. All the while, the nice lady watched me and then chattered on. She told me random facts about the plants I had in my wagon, or a funny anecdote about her grandson, or how often she has to water. Gah! I put a few things back because I couldn't think about what I needed for the spaces in my garden AND take in the chitchat. It was like shopping with a highly verbal toddler. They don't give a fat frog's fanny about your visual clues or your need for quiet, either.

OC knows to let mommy have a bit of time to think or else she (me) will go cuckoo. I can do a lot of things at once (walk and chew gum, drive and drink coffee, mow the lawn and make a grocery list) but thinking and listening at the same time just does not work.

I want to go back because their prices are reasonable and they look like they could use the business. It's just off the highway but I don't think people think about going there. They really are nice people. What can I do? I don't want to have an anxiety-ridden experience.

I have heard that people sometimes politely explain what they need, and so if I told her I wanted to look for a while, and needed to plan my purchase, that might work? Direct communication can be clear and effective. The problem is, it feels harsh to me. I worry a lot about being too harsh.

On the other hand, perhaps this woman thinks I've been rude. I've been looking at the plants in the wagon and talking to myself while she has been so attentive and helpful...

Option Two would be to never, ever go back to that place. Avoid! Problem solved.

Say, did you know that Larkspurs are one of the only true blue flowers? Most of the others that are blue are really more purple. Oi.

I'll be a grown-up and go back. But not today.

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