Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day One

I can't help it. Every time I walk into the kitchen, my gaze drifts to the kitty area. This is where the heater, their beds, food and water dishes are. It wasn't that long ago that they would have looked back at me, their eyes squeezing shut in contentment. Or, they would sleep through it. Sable, with his head curled under his paw while Dakota usually liked to rest his head on the side of the bed.

Yesterday, I avoided the kitchen as much as possible, but this isn't practical. I have to go in there. I have to see it.

It's just amazing that I still expect to see them there. After 16 years, a person gets used to these things.

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Anonymous said...

Hi my dear friend. I am so sorry to hear about Dakota. Wow. What a loss, both of them so close together. What great buddies they were to you for SO long! Lucky girl!
Your Precious Little Poopsie