Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday, Poopy Sunday

Ahhhh..........Sunday. The day of rest. The Sabbath. A day for lounging, reading the paper, drinking endless cups of coffee, and not doing much of anything one normally does during the week.

None of that describes this day. This day was precisely the opposite, and with a lot more bodily fluids involved. Specifically, hers:

The rest portion of the day was wiped out when I was up twice to feed and diaper Baby Evvie. That's not bad, because it means she slept longer rather than shorter. My addled brain thanks you, baby. I am slightly less addled today and I appree-she-ate that. In my most sleep-deprived delirium, I think about some pretty wacky things. Sometimes I think babies know we're tired and are engaged in a plot to see how long they can keep us up until they fall asleep. I tried to take a nap with her earlier and she was all, THAT IS NOT HAPPENING ON MY WATCH. The other babies might hear about how she let her mother nap during the day, and she would be, what? Fired? I don't know. Must get some sleep and put brain to useful purposes instead of this nonsense.

The coffee-drinking is not something I can indulge in while breastfeeding, for the most part I do avoid massive infusions of caffeine. Instead, I drink black tea for my first cup of the day and then herbal after that. Well, today I went nuts and had a cup of coffee. Not more than 8 ounces, mind you. It wasn't a Girls Gone Wild kind of binge, but that was a little bit different.

What's next, reading the paper? Oh, well, I got to read an article or two before the crying got to me and I had to pay attention to the baby.


It was three articles. *


I was under time pressure to eat my lunch and so just read whatever section was in front of me. It was the front page, about a man who shot his son in alleged self-defense. Sad. I don't remember the others (what with all the crying I was trying to ignore).

As for not doing much of anything that I normally do during the week, let's inventory. Today I did:

➜ laundry

➜ cooked, or reheated food

➜ washed dishes

➜ swept laundry room

➜ fed baby

➜ changed baby

➜ gave baby a bath after massive blowout involving immersing baby fully clothed in warm sink bath because the poop, she was everywhere

➜ changed baby's outfit after unlawful peeing incident**

➜ drank 8 ounces of fully-caffeinated coffee, with a little sugar

Those are just a few of the things I have done this restful Sunday. So different!


Baby Evvie has fallen asleep. Now is when the ancient conundrum rears its head, because I have to decide whether to sleep, eat, read, or some compact version of all three. My husband and oldest daughter are out doing softball things, and I wonder whether I want to go somewhere? That would require packing diaper bag, hefting baby around in car seat, in other words work. I'm not averse to work, but again, I'm trying to make this day look different than the other six. dice.

In the end I chose to blog about it, to give it all meaning. I type for you. WIth Milo looking on and concerned that maybe the cursor ought to be attacked.

This is what Evvie looks like right now, except with eyes closed.

He thinks that would be too much work and has laid his head on the computer to sleep instead. A noble endeavor, which I will now pursue because my addled brain is all empty and such.

** Peeing while one's diaper is removed.

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