Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby Food

Found out that the cereal I've been feeding Evvie is giving her constipation. Turns out that cereal, commonly used as baby's first food, should be one of the last foods introduced to a breastfed baby for a number of reasons. 

It is a processed food that has to be fortified. The iron it contains is not necessary for breastfed babies. The iron it contains is not as readily absorbed as that contained in human milk (10% vs. 40% absorption rate). The extra iron can cause constipation. The nutrition it delivers is substandard when compared to human milk...the list goes on. (Information courtesy

I have two children. Why did I not know this?!?

Evvie's not too fond of solid foods yet. She liked her cereal room temperature. If her fruit was refrigerated, it had to be warmed up first. She hasn't loved anything in particular, except breastfeeding, God love her.

Forget the cereal. She's getting bananas and applesauce now. The only thing coming out of this butt will be pure fruit.

And maybe popsicles.

Minus the stick.

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