Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Seven Months

Tomorrow the baby turns 7 months old. Tonight she started scooting. 

I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink, so had my back to her. Evelyn was sitting on the floor with the pillow behind her in case she decided to recklessly throw herself backwards. Babies do the craziest things.  

When I turned around, she was sitting on the floor, but turned away from the pillow. She hadn't rolled, there wasn't enough space. As I exclaimed, "The baby has moved! She isn't where I left her!" husband came into the room.

How did she do that? We were both wondering, when she started scooting. She kicked her little chubby legs and she scooted backward.

Today we went to the fair. We looked at all the animals except horses and cows. I ate an elephant ear, a burrito, and a cinnamon roll (good grief, why am I sharing all THAT?). Evvie watched it all. Who knew that all the while she was thinking, when I get home I'm going to scoot backwards and REALLY blow their minds!

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