Monday, January 16, 2006

The Next Big Thing

By way of explanation: The ticker at the top of this page is there because we are planning to take our next family vacation in Ireland. (Note the clever Celtic knot and shamrock motif!)

I mention this because the ticker links to a website that is mostly about infertility and pregnancy. I have the ticker up not because I'm infertile or pregnant, it's just a vacation.

Today is a holiday. I am celebrating by watching The West Wing, season one. I didn't begin watching this show until season four, I think. I enjoy the smart dialogue especially when the President's character begins to wax on about one thing or another, and interwoven plotlines. Earlier, he was going on about national parks. I end up learning things. I am naturally drawn toward obscure facts, which unfortunately does not pay well. Imagine that, learning things from the teevee!

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day. He was not a perfect man, and in fact made mistakes, and I honestly don't know much about him or if what I have heard is true (adultery, and other things). But the idea for which he worked for, and for which he was killed, brought about important change for our country. That principle is what we should remember today.

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