Friday, April 07, 2006

In Which I Discuss My Butt and Also The Lack of Potential That I Suffer From Symptoms of Blood-Related Cancer

Yesterday, I got a sore butt from sitting so long at my desk. I was still feeling crappy and had such low energy that I sat at my desk for much longer than I normally do, eschewing opportunities for small breaks to get up and walk around a little bit and instead opted to hang on to what little energy reserves I might have managed to find. The result of all that sitting, is that my butt. Is. So. Sore. Can you get bedsores from sitting so long?

I'm feeling better today. My throat is still kind of sore, but much better. My energy is much better, too. The diagnosis no longer includes leukemia; the hysterical breakdown has been averted. For now.

Last night, OC and I were playing a game with the bunny grahams (which, you might infer, are little graham crackers shaped like bunnies. Clever!). We had these two bunnies, both named Hopsy, who liked to talk to one another and hop around and such. It was fun. Anyway, pretty soon I had to stop playing with my Hopsy because my arm got tired and I was driving and all, so OC took over for both Hopsies. I handed her some mini carrots to snack on while we were driving home because, Ha! Bunny food! The cleverness never ends.

Not long after that, I hear her say, "Here ya go. One to a customew."

One to a customer??? Where did she hear that? And, what else does she know that I don't know about? I hope she never stops saying her r's as w's. You should hear it, it's the most adorable thing in the world!

Cut to this morning. As we were driving in to work and school, she told me she knows what the inside of a Barbie looks like. Cool, I'm thinking: "They dissected a Barbie doll at school! How did they do that without freaking out the kids? I want to see what a Barbie doll looks like on the inside."

I asked OC what was on the inside, and she said they saw a poster, which I am assuming is of the human body's innards and not, sadly, Barbie's.

She told me, "Bones. And a bag-thingy (points to abdomen), and vine things, like in your legs or something."

I love this time in the car with my daughter. I learn all sorts of useful things, like how my uterus is a bag-thingy and there are vines in my legs.

She's going to get a kick out of this entry when she's older. Especially the part about my sore butt.

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snowballinhell said...

Our job, as parents, is merely to provide high quality fodder for future therapists. Or at least that's what I tell my children all the time.

Glad to hear you don't have leukemia. It's probably just the early stages of ebola.