Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hello, I'm sick. Yesterday found me at home with a sore throat, fever, achy body parts, and extreme fatigue. Yes, I've already hypochondriac-ed out and thought I could have leukemia. However, I have put that to rest because there are no bruises, no joint pain, and today I have more energy. I still have a sore throat, though, but I'm back at work.

I'm thinking it's possible that I could be anemic, as I frequently experience fatigue and some shortness of breath. That could also be attributed to my being a full-time working mother of a very chatty 5-year-old with an hour commute and a monster To Do list plus there's the part where I'm slightly out of shape due to a lack of regular exercise. Maybe? Hmmm.

I've been sucking down grape juice and tea, and thinking weird thoughts. Things like, "If your skin gets infections from being submersed in water for hours and days on end, what is it that allows the inside of your mouth to be covered in saliva all the time and remain healthy?" (It's different tissue than skin, yes; saliva is different than water, true; don't go and ruin my fever-induced ruminations with your science, man...)

And then I start thinking how cool and amazing the body is in all it's functions; the checks and balances within itself to regulate and run all those systems. Let's face it, the heart is just freaky when you think about it, contracting all by itself, automatically adjusting the frequency of the contractions to match your movements whether it's more or less.

I start thinking of all of this right before I pass out from the complexity of these thoughts, coupled with my lack of comprehension because dude, I have a sore throat and am slightly feverish. Maybe it's strep throat?

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