Thursday, October 05, 2006

Comment Dilemma

Folks, I am in the midst of a dilemma.

First of all, there's the fact that I use the word, 'folks', as if I am a 104-year old person from the generation that uses that word. Not that using that word is a bad thing, it's not. What I mean to say is, where did that come from? Am I channeling my inner great-grandmother?

Anyway. Back to the dilemma. What I am trying to figure out is the best way to respond to comments left on this site. Should I respond via email or in comments left in the comments section of the same posts? Leaving comments in my own posts feels funny to me, because who reads this stuff after a few days?

Does anyone come back to read the comments left in a post after a few days have gone by to see if their comments have been, well, commented upon? I'd much rather email the individual, but not everyone leaves email info. That's okay, but then the only way for me to respond is by commenting on my own site, which, I don't know, doesn't feel as thorough as it should be. I want you to feel responded to, cared for, because you are. What do you think?

The other morning, OC asked me, "Mommy, how do eyes make sesame seeds?"

Excellent question, darling. I'll be glad to answer that for you honey, but if your eyes are making sesame seeds, then would you please see if you can spin this hay into gold for mama? Thanks, pumpkin.


Anonymous said...

I go back and answer my commenters in the comments, but only if they're always around picking on me, which is why I can put up a picture of nothing and have eleven comments. It's really just a conversation and/or us trying to one up one another.

I email people who newly comment, or who send me an email rather than commenting. And I also go back to places I've commented to see if there's a response there.

I think you should do whatever you like to do. It's not your job to make us happy. :)

scribbit said...

Etiquette seems to say you should respond to comments likewise, in the comments of others' blogs, if possible. It's okay to respond at length in your own post and if personal it's okay to email them. According to what little I've picked up. I'm not Blogging Emily Post or anything. . . but can I say it's my first visit and I like your blog? Travel and books are possibly my two favorite things.

Lady M said...

I've been answering other people's comments with a comment of my own, but I also wonder if anyone goes back to read them! If I've left a detailed comment on someone else's blog, I do go back to check to see if I've gotten a response.

Occidental Girl said...

Thank you for your feedback! I've been thinking about this and I'll respond to commenters via email if they use an email address. If there is not one available, I'll respond in comments.

I felt as though I were letting some slip through by not emailing back in return, but how can I email a response if there is no address? Commenting in my own comments feels funny, but I see that many people do it.

OMG, something NEW to get used to, EEEEK!