Monday, October 02, 2006

Very Important Followup

With regard to last post, I might add, actions are nothing without the intentions that brought you to act in the first place. In conclusion, intentions are important, as is their nature (i.e. if they are altruistic or if they are maybe self-serving or malicious).

I am in a very First Thought kind of writing mood. Maybe that's because it is so early in the morning and I'm not a morning person and so First Thoughts are more like Only Thoughts. I have no choice in the matter.

What am I doing up? I got up to see my husband while he ate breakfast, "see" being the operative word. He likes it when I get up with him, I like to make him happy, so there you go. I'm not very thinkative in the morning. It's morning, and my mind is a blank slate, fresh for the day. Consequently, I have very little to say. We did a lot of meaningful looking at one another.

After he went to work, I thought I'd use the quiet time to respond to week-old email, read some blogs, and then write a little. Reading always stimulates writing. Speaking of writing, I really like this from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg:

Anything we fully do is an alone can't expect anyone to match the intensity of your emotions or to completely understand what you went through."

She's talking about the emotions that come when you finish writing a book, and how it can leave you angry or sad when the act of completion is usually imagined as such a successful, triumphant time. I know nothing of what it feels like to finish a book, but I do know a thing or two about life, and I think this distilled quote is true for many things in life. Relationships, for instance; friendships; marriage. Take from it what you will.

Keep in mind that it's early, and I'm not at my best. I'm not inhibited by thinky thoughts like I am at other times of the day, and maybe that's a good thing.


M J said...

Not at your best? I thought that was rather brilliant.

I attributed that quote to my life quite easily. A million other things fit as well.

I also think you operate pretty well in the morning.. that was very insightful.

kerrianne said...

I'm totally going to start using that adjective: "thinkative." Awesome. : )

and I'm with MJ. You are wonderful in the morning. loves to you, babe.

Anonymous said...

I like that quote. I have written long tome-ish type things, and it can leave me sad. I think it's because I'm sure I will never come up with anything interesting to say ever again. I am certainly feeling that with all the good tidings showered upon me since Jenny made such a fuss over one of my posts.

Ever since she asked me how I write, actually, when she put that as a comment. I have been in a doubtful kind of mood ever since.

I have been getting lots of emails - beyond the comments - and it's just this feeling that I'll never be able to write something that affects someone in such a way ever again.

It's true, anything we fully do is an alone journey.

Thanks for writing this, made me think. :)

Kristin said...

I would have to disagree with Not at my best... that was wonderful.

sunshine scribe said...

That quote is wonderful. I like your early morning thinky thoughts.