Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life Keeps Rolling Along

Another family member has cancer. It's someone in OH's family, so I won't talk about it too much except to say it's a common form of skin cancer and it's located in their throat. It's not easily operable so they're going to undergo radiation just in time to feel crappy for Thanksgiving. The prognosis looks good for recovery because it was caught early, so that is some good news. We're all feeling unsettled because we don't know what to expect. That is the worst feeling, especially when there is so much at stake such as the life of someone you love.

It was my bio-dad's birthday this month, and I didn't call. I don't know what to say. I would like to talk to my grandma and my aunt, but then they would hand the phone to him and I don't know what I'd say. I feel like I should want to talk to him but he's never said he's sorry, so what's the point? What is there to say?

"Gee, it sucks you had a stroke, and now live with your 83-year old mother and your sister and they take care of you. I see we're still denying that thing you did to me. How's the weather?"


It was our first anniversary on the 15th, and we received cards from my grandma, bio-dad, and aunt and now I feel bad for not calling. I found out this week that grandma's sister just died. I couldn't make the funeral because OC is in school and the funeral was held in a town two hours away.

I should call.

I cut my thumb this week while trying to cut through a frozen English muffin for OC's breakfast. Another stupid household accident. Poor OC, she was worried about me. Luckily, another mom from OC's school came and took her to school so I could drive myself to the hospital. That was fun, holding my Stupid Household Accident Afflicted thumb above my head while driving and crying and trying not to think about the wound that I had the bad sense to look at so I could imagine that ugly, fleshy, gaping thing.

I still have sensation, so that was lucky. It took three stitches. OC is scared of the stitches. Every time she catches sight of them she covers her eyes and backs away. That is one way to ensure a househould accident: walk backwards with your eyes closed. (She gets her smarts from me. Poor thing!)

My mom got married this month. I forgot to send a card. What kind of person doesn't send a card when their mom gets married? I should say, I wanted to attend the ceremony but they planned it to be a small ceremony with no family and on a weekday, so if invited I would have brought the card with me. As it stands, I can blame the post office....except for just giving myself away. She reads my blog. Oops! Card's in the mail, mom!

It's a beautiful, sunny day today. The leaves are turning the most amazing colors with the sunny days and cold nights. It's gorgeous. OH is at a college football game. OC is in the bath. The neighbor's cat, Skippyjon, is on mole patrol in the front yard. I'm sitting here with a fresh bandage on my thumb in front of the woodstove with the heat on my back while I listen to OC sing and play in the tub. I have to sew some more on the halloween costumes. My niece's Ariel costume is nearly done, and I have to make the pants for OC's Jasmine outfit. That should go more quickly than the Ariel skirt which had ruffles and gathers.

Another day. I don't know what else to say.

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Kristin said...

Damn girl, you have a lot going on... deep breaths... more wine...