Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Triumphant Return

I realize I may have written the last post too hastily. When I wrote "Back with more state capital photos" underneath photos of my child with our cat, it didn't make much sense.

See, we have this goal of traveling to see every state capital in the U.S. Why? I don't know, it's just a goal we have. It is a challenge, it will take us to places we wouldn't normally plan a family vacation (e.g. Jackson, Mississippi; nothing wrong with Mississippi, but it isn't a destination since we have no family there, or other real attraction to make us travel that far to get there) and I think that makes it interesting.

I have some pictures to share, but they are not ready yet. In the meantime, check out this website. I love the design! It's Flash, apparently, and you can scroll around on the left half of it, click and look through what's there. My cat liked to watch the bug fly around and get zapped in the light. Then, you can go to the right half of the page and there are things to read. I found it after following a link from Cape Buffalo.

I like this a lot. Hope you do, too. See you tomorrow!

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melissa said...

Well, the state capitals thing makes more sense now. And that sounds like such a cool idea! I bookmarked the site you reccomended - I have to have a good block of time to sit and play with it.

My blog is on typepad now - and blogger isn't working for me. *sigh* I didn't know if you knew, and people are emailing me thinking I blocked them. So, just to let you know. :)