Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The First Annual Mother/Daughter Extravaganza took place last weekend.

These are friends I have had since 1981, when I moved to our small town and took up a desk beside them in the 2nd grade.

Now, we each have a daughter.

The mini us-es.

One mom thought it'd be a good idea to expand our girls' weekend idea and have a weekend where we brought our daughters. This way, they'd know each other pretty well and be good friends. It's all very Ya-Ya Sisterhood without the divine secrets.

I know what your mothers did in high school...

You can't get girls together without there being some dancing and/or jumping.

Not a given, but, pretty close. Especially after sports.

I'm only home for a day, then we jump back in the car for a trip to Boise, Idaho to visit grandma for a few days. OC wants to show off her recently-lost teeth.

The beach was a four hour drive, Boise will be a five hour drive. Luckily, I have made use of the library's audio books section. While I have to be particular when it comes to titles because I have OC with me and can't listen to say, Fear of Flying, I have found plenty to bring along. We listened to The Light Princess on the way to the beach; Ballet Shoes on the way home; Bridge to Terabithia will get us to Boise. For the drive home? Who knows. Maybe something about the concise history of Rome....

Bon voyage!

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Lady M said...

This looks like such a splendid weekend! Many of our friends don't have kids yet, but I'm looking forward to the day . . .