Saturday, January 05, 2008

From Boise, Idaho

Happy New Year!

We're here visiting my mom and family. In an odd twist of events, I forgot to pack underwear for both OC and myself. I have no explanation for this, nor do I want to explore the implications. Luckily, they have stores in Boise.

I like being here, to see people, but also to see pictures and things from childhood that mom has saved and displayed. She has a miniature ceramic lighted Christmas tree, some goofy craft projects of mine when I was a kid, and old and new family pictures among other things. Oh, and books. She has so many books that she could open her own small bookstore. I love to look through and see what there is. She has a way with decorating and arranging things in a way that makes sense and that no one would have thought to do. She can make anyplace look nice. I can't do that. It's nice to be here.

We fly home tomorrow just in time to go back to school on Monday and to OC's new classroom. I don't know what to expect from the new teacher (anger at me, or what?) so that promises to be an adventure.

Today we are going to Eagle, where there is a yarn shop among other places to check out. We can do that now that everyone is properly attired.

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Amanda said...

Oh the case of the missing underwear, I've been there, along with the mystery of the disappearing socks and the "You're f*cking kidding me that my bra isn't in there."