Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now With Photographic Evidence

I'm an enjoying my new gig as Paid Writer. I still can't believe I write things that people publish, and then they pay me for it. I can't say I'm all that bright, however. My first paycheck came in the mail, and at first, I thought it was a sweepstakes check. I wondered what I had won.

The chance to write another article, apparently.

It's not going to pay the bills at the current earning power of $50 per month, but, it's an opportunity to improve my writing skills. It's better than no earnings. I have a deadline and a purpose to write, which is incentive to push forward and write more. And hopefully, I'll learn how to construct better sentences, preferably those that do NOT end with whatever part of speech the word more is. Oops, there was a preposition. Try again:

...with the word more, whatever part of speech it may be.

Ha. Now the sentence is better, but you know for sure that I am full of it.

I can say with authority (such that I cannot say in other areas, like math) that I am now an accomplished knitter, due to having more than scarves in my repertoire. See this hat? I made it, with my own two hands.

I made the kid underneath the hat, too.

Look, Ma, new teeth!

Kitty Kola says, "I am not your monkey."
What was that, Dakota? I couldn't hear you, your voice was all muffled.

Not too shabby.


Lady M said...

A Professional Writer! Congratulations - that's really cool.

Tiggerlane said...

"I made the kid underneath the hat, too."

If you write like that a lot, heck, I'd pay to read you! Funny!

bubandpie said...

Every cat needs a hat like that.

Amanda said...

Hmm, no explanation of just how you made that cute, blonde hat stuffing...