Friday, June 13, 2008

How Quickly the Mighty Fall

It's the first full day of summer vacation, and I'm thinking of calling the babysitter.

Parents of young children have a challenge when it comes to the summer schedule. Older kids can stay home alone, or older siblings can watch the younger ones. Due to incredibly bad planning on my part, neither type of child exists in our household.

In preparation for the 10k I signed up to do again this year, I've got to keep up my running schedule. This is the challenge, to run four times per week while my young child is with me. This year, I'm prepared to reach out even more than I did last year. It doesn't hurt that I know more people now than I did last year.

Other parents are the great resource to parents of only children. God bless 'em.

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Deby said...

I'm not sure what camps are set up in Redmond, but I know that Campfire has summer camps available.

You need to come over sometime and your little one can hang with mine.