Friday, June 20, 2008

Who Knew Summer Could Be This Obnoxious

Summer as a kid seemed to last forever. As an adult, it is flying by. Just like every other season.

I tried not to overload the schedule, and so OC is only taking tennis lessons and swimming lessons every day, and gymnastics once per week. Ostensibly, this is because I want to "expose her to many activities", but it also could be that I want to "wear her out" so that she sleeps well. Quality parenting strikes again!

The most challenging thing in my life at the moment - thank everything good and holy - is to find time to go running in the morning. Obviously, OC can't go with me, unless she rides her bike. And guess what? Precious doesn't want to ride her bike! If I run, she wants to run, too. I don't blame her, it just makes life more interesting to have this kind of restriction. I've been going while she has her tennis lesson, but I have to fit in a couple of long runs (1 hour +) and the lesson is only an hour.

Believe me, I'm glad I have this problem. It could be worse.

Then there's our yard sale this weekend. I'm not quite ready but whatever, those things are crazy anyway. And guess what! This is the high desert, where there are 488 days of sunshine per year, and it's going to RAIN ON SATURDAY. Hello, irony.

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Lady M said...

If you're running the yard sale, at least you won't have to be on the road where people who never see rain panic while driving. Or maybe that's just California.

Good luck with the running!