Friday, October 07, 2005


I should have called in stupid today. It's like calling in sick but instead of saying, "I'm not feeling well today" you say, "I'm feeling too stupid to work today, see you next week!"

I didn't get enough sleep, and it was so little that I can't think straight. OC was up and dressed before me, and of course she hit the ground running with nearly non-stop commentary, earnest reenactments, and whatever happens to be on her mind or in her line of site at the time. I have to tell her, "honey, please go in your room and do that" because all the talking - my God! The talking! - makes it so I can't think through what I'm doing or need to remember to do. I don't know how to do this better so I can think and also listen to all that talking. I love her talking, but it's just me for an audience, and so it is CONSTANT.

Here I am at work, working stupidly. My list for the weekend is loooooong, and I can't really remember what is on it right now. Thank goodness it's written down. All that wedding planning and wedding errands and errands to do for the wedding, etc. OF and OC will spend much of Saturday together, so that I can do the running of the errands on my own, which will make it go much faster. She is still in the car seat, or actually the booster seat, and there is the unbuckling that has to happen each and every time we stop someplace, which she cannot yet do by herself. I hope to get a lot accomplished.

Next Wednesday, my sister and my mom fly into town. I am so excited for that!

I had better get some sleep this week so I'm not a stupid bride. I'm just not cut out for consciousness today.

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