Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Curse, Therefore I Am

OF and I are totally overwhelmed. Between the wedding, the remodel, packing, moving, and all the millions of details that go along with these endeavors we are losing our fucking marbles! I can feel the anxiety, even though I am on anti-anxiety meds. On top of that, there are these full-time jobs of ours, OF is a football coach, and I have a child to parent.


These being minor trifles to undertake, we decided to undertake them simultaneously, and that is how I know I am insane. Because I do it to myself. Dumb fucking ass, I am.

What will all of the months of planning, thousands of dollars, and precise planning bring? Sacred vows, creating a new family; enjoying food, music, and celebrating with good friends and family. All 7 hours worth. And don't forget the new bedroom and bathroom to start our new life together!

It's totally fucking worth it, I just can't fucking deal with it all.

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