Monday, October 10, 2005

T Minus 5 Days

OC: I went potty, and it was easy because all I was wearing was a shirt. And hair.


Good grief, people, I'm getting married in 5 days. In preparation, I went out and had a facial this past weekend. If you've never had one, all I can say is GO OUT AND GET ONE RIGHT NOW. Because they are totally fucking awesome.

My skin is so clean, and so soft, and so pretty. I am not one who is known for their nice skin. Tightly wound with a poor attitude? Yes! Good skin? Not so much.

Going to get a facial has made me smarter because it has added new words to my vocabulary. Conclusion? Facials are making me a better person. Words like "Jurlique" and "YonKa", two companies who make the yummy smelling, extravagantly-but-not-prohibitively expensive products for your lovely face. I have spread out my purchases so that at the last appointment I bought cleanser and moisturizer, and this time I bought toner. I'm not sure that I can really afford it, but I'm putting it all on the credit card to be sorted out later.

Normally, I pay off my credit card each month, and limit myself to an amount I can afford to pay. This way, I earn travel points but also stay out of debt. Everybody wins! I love logic. The trouble is, expenses have been VERY HIGH for the past two or three months with all the wedding preparations, and so I've been spending a lot of my savings. That makes me ill, because do you know how long it took me to save that money? While it spends in seconds flat, it takes a long time to accumulate. I generally am a saver in addition to being a spender. I love shopping, getting bargains, and splurging occasionally, but I also like to have money in the bank.

A wedding goes beyond simply What You Can Afford and treads into the realm of What You Deserve, coupled with What You Want. Budget makes a showing, but his voice is squeaky and is overruled with Irrational Logic, who says, "It's your wedding day, the most special day in all the land, have what you want!" Within reason, of course. For example, I watch shows where couples spend $80,000 or more on their wedding and I think, "What combination of things cost $80,000???" And, "What jobs do they have? I want Those Jobs!" I am not spending nearly that much money, because I don't have Those Jobs.

Things will get under control soon. I will once again be able to save money each month, facials will be a once-a-year treat.

Because I deserve it.

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