Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Book Learnin' and Whatnot

I read The English Patient and holy cow, you have to read it. (If you don't I'm going to come to your house and make you go out and buy organic vegetables! Ha. Ha.) The writing style is ephemeral, yet somehow unabridged at the same time. You need to know the amazingness that is the writing in that book.

I watched the movie, and while it was packed with great, meaningful scenes, the book made it much more detailed. The movie did not deviate from the book so I would recommend reading the book and then watching the movie to have the complete, expansive story.

Now I'm reading Jane Eyre because I'm in the mood for something English. I don't know why, but I think it's mainly to do with the language. It's so...proper. And flowery. What is the right word? Genteel? Mannerly? Yeah.

I currently have two movies from Netflix to watch: The Constant Gardener and Failure to Launch.

Anyway. What are you reading these days? What movies have you seen? What would you recommend? How many questions can I put in one blog post?


Anonymous said...

movie to watch Sliding Doors, older but just watched it and it was great.

M J said...

You are in possession of the Constant Gardener, which has to be one of my favorite movies. You will cry. A lot. Sob actually. I was a bit disappointed with Failure to Launch.. interested to know what you think.

I am currently reading the Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. It actually digs a little deeper than I thought it would, so I would highly recommend.

I couldn't put down either Angels and Demons or the Da Vinci code, if that stuff floats your boat.

Isabel Allende is wonderful. Daughter of Fortune was my absolute fave.

Anita Schreve is great, I would recommend starting with The Pilot's Wife. Could.not.put.it.down.

Anonymous said...

Your title made me laugh. My senior English teacher in high school had a sign on the wall that said, "Obfuscate Obfuscation"

What am I reading...let's see.
Right now it's "The Ghost in the House: Motherhood, Raising Children, and Struggling with Depression"

I'm also trying to work my way through "The Great Deluge: Hurricaine Katrina, New Orleans, Mississippi and the Gulf Coast". That's a big book.

I just sent back a three-disc history of Vietnam set to Netflix, and I have no idea what's coming next, because I always forget to check and/or add stuff to my queue. I just finished watching "Friends With Money", which was okay.

I saw "Failure to Launch" on an airplane in July and I thought it was pretty good. It wasn't as cheesy as I expected it to be. I also saw about half of "The Constant Gardener", but I fell asleep so I can't comment on that one. ;)