Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Sister Earned Her Blackbelt

My sister has always been athletic, strong, and determined and so it came as no surprise that she passed her black belt test this weekend.

What was surprising was learning what is involved in earning a black belt. The details are a secret so that others earning their belts in the future won't know what to expect. However, it is generally known that the test is grueling, incredibly difficult, eight hours in length with no eating allowed, and it is mentally as well as physically challenging. My sister studies Tang Soo Do, which means that she DIDN'T get beaten with sticks.

Sticks. My god.

She did have to fight like hell through exhaustion, muscle aches and pains, against some tough foes. Then she had to walk 2 miles to the park where the ceremony would take place.

At the end of the test there is an initiation rite. It involves walking through a line of people who hit you in the stomach. At the end of that you break a cement block in half. You cross the bridge. There are pronouncements given and certificates presented. And then, you get your black belt and weapon.

My sister, she can break cement blocks in half.

Family came from three hours away by car and three thousand miles away by plane to see this happen and to celebrate. It was SO GREAT to get together for a celebration for a change. Although my sister said that the karate folks joke that the people gathered in the park at the end of the test are either going to witness a celebration or a funeral.

No more funerals for a long while, please.

We are so proud of her.

Did I mention she can break cement blocks? With her bare hands?!? Yeah.


M J said...

Wow. I still have trouble opening jars. Is black belt highest honors?

sunshine scribe said...

It might be handy to have a sister that can break cement blocks with her bear hands!

She looks so happy and proud. And so she should be ... what an amazing accomplishment