Thursday, August 17, 2006

Girl's Weekend, 2006 Version: Part II

The canoe came with the house, so some of us thought thought we'd try it out on the canal out back.

The jello shots were HUGE. We had to cut them into fourths in order to get them down in one gulp. (I don't know why the picture is so oddly fluorescent. I couldn't fix that.)

Other food products:

The game of Pictionary we never finished. wine product! And coffee!

Mike's Hard Lemonade with lime, yo.

The I Love You, Man moment came when Dan Seals sang "One Friend", and Girl on the Left said if they only had one friend left they'd want it to be her, Girl on the Right, and then they hugged. The rest of us sat around drunkenly "awwwwwww"-ing, and kind of feeling unloved and left out. But we were drunk so we forgot about it seconds later.

Here's what we did instead of - I mean, after - that pillow fight in our underwear:

Hi, I'm the drunky-drunk on the right who is working her way through a bottle of pinot gris all by herself...

I have no idea what this gesture means. I was drunk by now.

Lunch the next day. Gorgeous!

Our designated driver, in her jammies. Nice car, lady!



M J said...

Alright.. I think I understand that it was a "liquid diet" kinda weekend. Does the lime count toward the daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Doritos must have *some* nutritional value, right?

Looks like you had a blast. I hope there was Tylenol-a-plenty!

Jen Robinson said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I liked the picture of the jello shots especially.

Jess said...

That looks like so much fun. If only there was a cottage and/or canoe around here!!! Maybe canoeing in the Thames wouldn't be such a great idea....I might come out fluorescent like your jello shots! eek...