Monday, November 27, 2006

After the Holiday

This month is flying by. I hope you all had great Thanksgiving weekends and dinners with family and loved ones. (I didn't mean to separate those two but then realized that it's probably appropriate since they may not necessarily be one in the same for all of us. Gasp!)

We had a quiet weekend with family that included a lot of driving. OH's parents hosted us for two nights, and his two brothers were there. His dad was doing well, his throat becoming annoyingly sore but he's not nauseous from the radiation yet.

I made sure to call my family and wish them a happy day. My mom and two sisters were all spending time with friends and family as well, so no one was alone and that was good to know.

I went to see my grandma, aunt and bio-dad. It was not as weird as it could have been. Bio-dad was actually talkative. Of course, everything he talked about was in the past, but what else is new? I sat there like a lump and couldn't think of a darn thing to say most of the visit, because I couldn't think what with all the screaming inside my head. It was a short visit, gracefully.

Saturday, we drove to Bend to scout a high school football game. That turned out to be moot since the team my husband coached for lost in their round of the playoff games and won't be playing that team next week. Oh well. The pass was crappy but there were no incidents, and I did console myself by picking up a lovely pair of shoes for $13.50 (regularly $45, thank you very much) and a nice lunch complete with beer at the Deschutes Brewery. It's my first pair of clogs, and they are embellished with beads and sparkly things and are enough of a heel that I can tromp around in my new town in a little bit of snow and still be warm and dry.

We will be living in Redmond, which is pretty close to Bend, and so I count that I have a new cool shoe store in The King of Sole. It's cute, independent (I think) and carries good brands as well as having an awesome selection on the clearance table. OC liked the store, showing me every purse they had and admiring them herself. She especially liked the one with the butterfly on it. Of course.

Today, it is snowing. Sort of. It's snow mixed with rain. I have to go out in it too; OC has gymnastics and after that I have to drop off my car for regular service. The check engine light came on while in Bend. I almost got freaked out by it until I remembered that the check engine light coming on is like getting a postscript error: it could be anything. I knew I had this appointment so I figured, why worry about it when it's Saturday and there's nothing I can do? It'll get fixed today. Voila.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday and that you found a fun little shoe store. It sounds like things are pretty good! :)

Kristin said...

A good shoestore can be the foundation of a beautiful relationship.

marnie said...

Redmond.. I guess we are almost neighbours. OK, well not really.

I was snowed in for Thanksgiving weekend.. but it wasn't Thanksgiving in Canada, so I didn't miss anything.

I shovelled, salted and sanded. I don't mind, because it's better than the rain :-)

wordgirl said...

Will you be posting pics of the new house?

Jake said...

When you get yourself moved to Redmond, ping me so I can get you blog on to Bend Blogs :-)