Thursday, March 08, 2007

Good Days

It is not All Bad, All the Time around here. Yesterday morning OC and I walked, tote bags in hand, the six blocks to the city library; I enjoyed our lively conversation, with OC being her talkative self.

This morning, I was downstairs when a loud crash came from upstairs.

"Are you allright?" I asked. OC had just gone up to her room.

"Yes, and nothing's broken. Kola (the cat) is okay, too. He was a good mile away," came the reply.

Lately she's been saying things "sure are" something or other, or her reply to something said in conversation will be: "that's for sure!"

I know I need to soak up these moments of her six year old self. One day she will want to forge her independence (even more), and will crave her own space and privacy. Already she has began to want to be alone while she gets undressed for a bath. Not every time, but the day is coming where I won't be able to see those naked bunsies anymore.

My kvetching and complaining are due to frustrating moments, but that is all they are. The moments soon pass (I would do well to keep in mind), and there is so much of The Funny and The Cute with this girl.

Here, OC is soaked through from a short walk through the rain to town and back from our condo at the beach. This is what she calls 'madface' and is perfectly captured here as it is usually performed, which is to say, through laughter:

This is her impression of a kangaroo, given against the backdrop of a particularly stunning sunset at the beach last month. We bought that polka dot dress for summer, but she wanted to wear it all the time while we were indoors:

OC self-portrait:

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What a beauty!