Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Larger Than A Horse's Ass, Lower Than Pond Scum

When you think of mothers, you generally think of women who self-sacrifice and are ever-mindful of others. Other words that come to mind? Thoughtful. Considerate. Concerned. Mothers are women who inquire of other mothers when they know, for an entirely random example, that Another Mother had an appointment last Friday with the pediatrician because she has an appointment with a neurologist but not for another month because that's the soonest she could get an appointment. In the meantime, this Other Mother talked about how she was uncomfortable doing nothing for ONE ENTIRE MONTH without knowing WTF was going on with her young child. Possibilities included seizures - again - like the seizures he had as an infant, right after he came back to life after being clinically dead for two minutes. He needs physical therapy several times a week, and now something is not quite right but no one knows what and this Other Mother wanted to be proactive and seek medical attention even from a general practitioner so she could better wait out the month until the appointment with the specialist.

Guess which Mother was me? Totally not hypothetically speaking.

If you guessed: The Idiot Who Went On and On Talking About Her Walk in Town This Morning and Seeing the Art Gallery, Not Asking Other Mother About the Doctor Visit Because She is a Huge Ass.....you would be right. I am THAT mother. I felt less than two inches tall after someone else walked up and asked her about it as we chatted about the stupid art gallery. This mom - and potential friend if I don't muck it up too badly - was very gracious and said it was okay and even gave me a ride home. I could better describe the feeling as more lowly than pond scum to be so entirely thoughtless and forget to ask about something so important. I know I forget things, but good grief!

Methinks I doth dwell too much on my own pathetic problems...

Speaking of which, have you read this article about Joseph Democko, California's youngest foster parent? A truly inspiring story. Makes me want to stop being the gunk that is lower than pond scum, develop into a multi-cellular being, and be a better one at that.


Wendy said...

I always forget things like that too. I think it's because sometimes the day to day drudgery of searching the couch cushions for dirty socks and scrubbing juice off the kitchen floor just sucks out all the brain cells that involve memory.

Lady M said...

One time, a colleague came into my office and asked me how my weekend was. I went on and on about the mundane details that couldn't have possibly interested anyone, until he finally jumped at a quiet moment and told me that he'd asked his girlfriend to marry him and he was now engaged! Ooops.

Loralee Choate said...

Hon, we ALL do stuff like that. Truly, you aren't pond scum. I am sure that she understood and she sounds gracious and lovely and you are, too for feeling so bad about the oversight. Some people would have brushed it off without a second thought.