Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All I Want For Christmas That's Fit to Print

I've been Christmas shopping. It's early, I know, but not if you are shopping online. Shipping times are ridiculous this time of year. If you don't order by the first week of December, your shipping times and rates become very large (and in charge).

This website FatBrain.com features toys made in the USA. Toys manufactured without lead or rufies, AND benefitting our local citizens? Hm, wow, imagine that. Shocking. Gratifying. It also features a wizard so you can shop within certain parameters, like toys about animals or planes or art; for boys or girls; within an age range. Whatever. I am not making any money by mentioning this, I just think it is good.

Occidental Girl is keeping it local.

It's funny now that OC is older, she has a lot to say about what she wants for Christmas. It's great, because trying to guess what she wants and then watching her ignore the carefully purchased gifts was not fun. Not that that every happened. This way, she has no one to blame but herself if she is disappointed.

Uh-oh, now, Occidental Girl is keeping it shallow.

As for me, I hope to buy some of the books from the FIVE PAGES which is my wish list at Amazon.com.

Occidental Girl thirsts for knowledge. And cds.

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Live on the Fly said...

This is funny... instead of clicking on your link to FatBrain.com, I typed it in my browser and guess where it goes: to Barnes & Noble! Bastards. Next time, I'll just click your links.