Monday, November 19, 2007

In Which the Wind Blows This Way and That

Interesting content, sometimes it takes a few days to materialize.

I'm up to my ears in college catalogs (online versions, so the metaphor doesn't really work but sounds better than I've got bookmarks of college catalogs) because I've decided it's time to finish my Bachelor's degree. I have an A.A.S. plus extra credits lying around, so, while waiting to get pregnant I might as well go get smarter.

A manila folder lies on the table full of research into the schooling options for OC. She cannot stay where she is unless options for a more challenging curriculum are available. She is not ready for second grade, but she needs more instruction. Otherwise, it's either a large-ish chunk of change for private school, or homeschool. Let's read that again, shall we? I said homeschool. If you had asked me one year ago if I would consider homeschooling, I would've laughed and said no, because those are the weird kids in the weird families who spend a whole lotta time together. I have learned SO much about homeschooling recently and the non-weird families who do it that I'm considering it quite seriously. Amazing what a little information will do to one's viewpoint. Like I don't have enough to do but decide the educational futures for two people in one fell swoop. I'm not cooking the turkey on Thursday, but I am making the spinach dip which requires thawing of frozen, chopped spinach and mixing one day in advance. I had best focus.

Breaking news: I have a paying newspaper writing thingy. The first column ran earlier this month, and there will be one or two per month in the local weekly paper. It won't pay the bills, but it is a great opportunity to regularly write. An external deadline does wonders for my sense of priorities, and so it forces me to write nearly every day. Good practice. In other news, I will not use the word thingy in a professional writing arena. Just here, where I'm amateur and proud of it.

Speaking of here, if only I would update regularly. I realize I neglected to post Halloween costume pictures. If nothing else, there will be more pictures.


Amanda said...

Umm, I fell off the train! You are waiting to get pregnant? Yay! Good luck! And congratulations on the gig. That is FANTASTIC!

The password on this was : bbher

Maybe it'sgoing to "be a her," or two hers since there were two b's. Will wait with bated breath.

Occidental Girl said...

Yeah, we've been going at it for almost a year now, and nothing. I'm 34 now, so maybe all my eggs are dried up? Could be, considering my wine habit.

Tiggerlane said...

I forgot the Halloween photos, too...I'm waiting to see if I run out of stuff for NaBloPoMo!

Dana said...

How funny...that is exactly what I thought of homeschoolers before I started. Once I started, however, I found out that most are normal and it really is a nice educational option!

Occidental Girl said...

Okay, good. I'm glad you caught the sarcasm in the post. I hate labels, they are never accurate. I'd be the last person to malign a particular group. But, we're all human and categorization comes natural.

It's good to widen the scope, though.