Thursday, December 13, 2007

Losing My Religion

My computer has a virus. The good man who came by to pick it up today told me the shop is a week out with repairs. Which means it may, or may not be fixed and returned before Christmas, which means I may be without a computer - and more importantly, internet access at home! - for a more than a week!!!!!!

I feel like I've lost an appendage or something. How does one function without a computer which is attached to every other computer in the world? How will I shop online? How will I blog? How will I check email?

I'm at the library, typing this. I feel naked. I feel lost.

Sad. Cry!

Moving on. This will explain why I'm such a loo-zur about responding to email, commenting on your blogs, and spending too much money. FYI.


Loralee Choate said...


I have been there. It's even more frustrating when you live with a guy who could fix it if he "Had the time".

It's like the cobbler's wife who had no shoes. :S

Anonymous said...

I for one am totally offended that you aren't using your library computer time to chat with me, email me important links, and comment on my blog. Offended!

Seriously. The screen on my laptop went out and I must now use the desktop. Which is totally the same as being poverty-stricken, of course. ;)

Tiggerlane said...

It is SO tough! I went a week (while on vacation) w/o 'net access, and I almost broke down and bought a laptop b/c I couldn't stand the separation! I'm terrified we'll have an ice storm here and lose power - and won't have 'net access. I need a laptop and wifi - better than Valium!