Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Here's the saucer I was talking about:

The kid in the background looks on in awe at OC's saucer sledding savvy.

The problems with using a saucer as an adult are twofold. One, there is no padding other than what one provides on one's backside. (Amazingly, it still hurts even if one's personal padding is plentiful.) Two, there is a tendency for the thing to spin around so that one may find one's self sledding downhill, backwards.

We've only gone sledding the one time but I've been able to parlay the pictures into numerous blog posts. Lazy!

Yesterday, we went for a little hike at Shevlin Park. It was a lovely day, with snow on the ground. We've never been there before, but the book we had said it was an easy hike and especially perfect for the winter. I would agree with all of that, except I would add that the underlying layer of ice on the path made it treacherous in several places. Most of those places were where the path descended and had a sheer cliff face with an accompanying steep hillside of death. I spent the first half of the hike anxiously warning, "Be careful! Slow down! Remember, if you fall to grab on to something!" Over and over again. Because I am old, because I have lost my fearlessness, because I am a mom.

The last half of the hike was much better. Flat land! We had a snowball fight, including stealth ambushes amongst the trees and a divided, two-against-one strategy.

I am not too old for that.

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Tiggerlane said...

NO WAY I would put my nicely-padded rear end on one of those! I can see me breaking bones, left and right!

Still, looks like fun!