Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We Have a Hillbilly in the House

This is the third tooth she has lost. The fourth came out last Friday while she was eating pizza at the ski lodge. We're all glad it didn't come out in the snow.

The tooth fairy forgot to come Friday night. She forgot. OC was not upset about it, saying the tooth fairy was too busy and would come the next night. She did, and left an extra quarter due to guilt.


Loralee Choate said...

Christopher has lost so many teeth close together that I am thinking we may have to get him dentures to complete his third grade year!!!

Oh, and the freaking toothfairy has forgot to come to our house once, too, the wench.

Amanda said...

A hillbilly should be so lucky as to be so exquisitely adorable and wholesome looking.

You think I can start slipping my girls quarters now to make up for sure to be absentminded tooth fairy?

Melissa said...

OC is adorable. The tooth fairy once forgot to come for my son...on his birthday. I told him that since he lost the tooth after midnight (it was a late weekend party - lots of adults milling around) she would come the next night.

The guilt was crushing. He seems to have gotten over it; three years later I'm almost over it too. ;)