Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Le Poopsie

This morning, I asked OC if she thought my necklace went with my outfit. She looked closely at the necklace, which was beaded in an assortment of neutral colored beads of different shapes and sizes, pointed to one bead and said, "I think this one gives it the right touch."

Then, on the way in to work she asked if there was any yogurt in her lunchbox for breakfast. I told her no, that she had Clifford cereal this morning. She was disappointed, and so I said I would pick up some yogurt the next time we went grocery shopping. She brightened at the thought, asked if it could be strawberry yogurt, then said, "Okay, I will be delighted to eat my cereal today!"

I'm so glad she is okay. She's feeling much better today, after getting a good night's sleep last night. She fell asleep in the car on the way home last night, and napped in the evening until bedtime. I got her to eat a snack before I put her to bed. She was out until I went in to wake her at 6:30 this morning. There have been no incidents at daycare where she has gotten reinjured, like I have feared.

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